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How can Cosmetic dentistry help you ?


Stained and layered chipped off teeth can be bashfulness to many people specially socially. Now don't be ashamed of your smile. Imagine having to hide your teeth while smiling. It can affect your assurance adversely and both your professional and personal will have to bear the brunt of it. But with the help of Cosmetic dentist on Long Island, you can surmount this barrier and endow your best smile on your face, Now you will find its remedies in cosmetic dentistry. With help of some bleaching agents you can change the tooth enamel color. Hence this procedure is also called as dental bleaching. In the recent times there have been many takers of this treatment worldwide because of the good results it has produced. Also as the need to have a good manifestation began to gain prime importance in people's day to day life, more and more people across the world started taking up this treatment. This treatment has produced estimable results all these years although there have been some loop holes in the treatment in the form of some side effects. But these side effects have not been colossal enough to discourage people from going for it.


The teeth enamel is the outer most layer of the teeth which is visible and comes in contact with the food particles that we eat. The chemicals in the food react with teeth enamel to produce the color of the teeth. For example when we drink coffee or tea, the caffeine present in these beverages react with the teeth enamel to produce the color of the teeth. Usually, these beverages impart a yellowish color to the teeth. Similar are effects while chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes. These chemicals make up bad color with enamel. Certain medications are also known to cause certain smears on the teeth enamel and make it's color dull and undesirable. Mostly antibiotics are undesirable for colors.

Success of teeth whitening depends on factors such as the quality of the whitening products used, or the nature of the treatment and the ability of the dentist consulted. It is recommended that this treatment should be taken under the supervision of an adept dentist. If this is not done, the coveted results will not be obtained with improper bleaching of the teeth. This happens as some type of teeth do not respond to many bleaching agents. Bleaching remains undone as whitening agents do not reach the dentine layers of teeth. cosmetic dentistry Long Island treatment is effective only if the concerned person possesses sets of teeth that is free from decay or over sensitivity, Treatment will be more effective if sets of teeth are free from decay and cavities. In case if the person has infected gums, it is not possible to use the bleaching agents since they will respond adversely and in addition he will have to suffer discomfort and aching.



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